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Clark HA, Scott P, Trotta R, Lewis GF  Substructure considerations rule out dark matter interpretation of Fermi Galactic Center excess (2016, PRL submitted, arXiv:1612.01539) pdf


Clark HA, Iwanus N, Elahi PJ, Lewis GF, Scott P  Heating of galactic gas by dark matter annihilation in ultracompact minihalos (2016, JCAP submitted, arXiv:1611.08619) pdf


Geytenbeek B, Rao S, Scott P, Serenelli A, Vincent AC, White M, Williams AG  Effect of electromagnetic dipole dark matter on energy transport in the solar interior (2016, JCAP submitted, arXiv:1610.06737) pdf


Vincent, AC, Scott P, Serenelli A  Updated constraints on velocity and momentum-dependent asymmetric dark matter (2016, JCAP 11:007, arXiv:1605.06502) pdf


Serenelli A, Scott P, Villante FL, Vincent AC, Asplund M, Basu S, Grevesse N, Pena-Garay C Implications of solar wind measurements for solar models and composition (2016, MNRAS 463:2, arXiv:1604.05318) pdf


IceCube Collaboration: Aartsen M.G. et al. Improved limits on dark matter annihilation in the Sun with the 79-string IceCube detector and implications for supersymmetry (2016, JCAP 04:022, arXiv:1601.00653) Contact authors: P Scott, M Danninger pdf


Beniwal A, Rajec F, Savage C, Scott P, Weniger C, White M, Williams AG Combined analysis of effective Higgs portal dark matter models (2016, PRD 93:115016, arXiv:1512.06458) pdf


Aslanyan G, Price LC, Adams J, Bringmann T, Clark HA, Easther R, Lewis GF, Scott P Ultracompact minihalos as probes of inflationary cosmology (2016, PRL 117:141102, arXiv:1512.04597) pdf


Clark HA, Lewis GF, Scott P Probing dark matter substructure with pulsar timing: II. Improved limits on small-scale cosmology (2015, MNRAS 456:1402, arXiv:1509.02941) pdf


Clark HA, Lewis GF, Scott P Probing dark matter substructure with pulsar timing: I. Constraints on ultracompact minihalos (2015, MNRAS 456:1394, arXiv:1509.02938) pdf


Vincent AC, Serenelli A, Scott P Generalised form factor dark matter in the Sun (2015, JCAP 08:040, arXiv:1504.04378) pdf


Anthonisen M, Brandenberger R, Scott P Constraints on cosmic strings from ultracompact minihalos (2015, PRD 92:023521, arXiv:1504.01410) pdf


Vincent, AC, Scott P, Serenelli A Possible indication of momentum-dependent asymmetric dark matter in the Sun (2015, PRL 114:081302, arXiv:1411.6626) pdf


Silverwood H, Weniger C, Scott P, Bertone G A realistic assessment of the CTA sensitivity to dark matter annihilation (2015, JCAP 03:055, arXiv:1408.4131) pdf


Grevesse N, Scott P, Asplund M & Sauval AJ The elemental composition of the Sun III. The heavy elements Cu to Th (2015, A&A 573:A27, arXiv:1405.0288) pdf


Scott P, Asplund M, Grevesse N, Bergemann M & Sauval AJ The elemental composition of the Sun II. The iron group elements Sc to Ni (2015, A&A 573:A26, arXiv:1405.0287) pdf

Scott P, Grevesse N, Asplund M, Sauval AJ, Lind, K, Takeda, Y, Collet, R, Trampedach, R & Hayek, W The elemental composition of the Sun I. The intermediate mass elements Na to Ca (2015, A&A 573:A25, arXiv:1405.0279) pdf

Pierre M, Siegal-Gaskins JM & Scott P Sensitivity of CTA to dark matter signals from the Galactic Center (2014, JCAP 06:024, arXiv:1401.7330) pdf

Vincent AC & Scott P Thermal conduction by dark matter with velocity and momentum-dependent cross-sections (2013, JCAP 04:019, arXiv:1311.2074) pdf

Cline JM, Kainulainen K, Scott P & Weniger C Update on scalar singlet dark matter (2013, PRD 88:055025, arXiv:1306.4710) pdf

Cline JM & Scott P Dark Matter CMB Constraints and Likelihoods for Poor Particle Physicists (2013, JCAP 03:044, arXiv:1301.5908) pdf

Shandera S, Erickcek A, Scott P & Galarza JY Number Counts and Non-Gaussianity (2013, PRD 88:103506, arXiv:1211.7361) pdf

Silverwood H, Scott P, Danninger M, Savage C, Edsjö J, Adams J, Brown AM & Hultqvist K Sensitivity of IceCube-DeepCore to neutralino dark matter in the MSSM-25 (2013, JCAP 03:027, arXiv:1210.0844) pdf

Zackrisson E, Asadi S, Wiik K, Jönsson J, Scott P, Datta KK, Friedrich MM, Jensen H, Johansson J, Rydberg CE & Sandberg A Hunting for dark halo substructure using submilliarcsecond-scale observations of macrolensed radio jets (2012, MNRAS 431:2172, arXiv:1208.5482) pdf

Scott P, Savage C, Edsjö J & The IceCube Collaboration (Abbasi et al.) Use of event-level neutrino telescope data in global fits for theories of new physics (2012, JCAP 11:057, arXiv:1207.0810) Contact authors: P Scott, M Danninger, C Savage pdf

Vincent AC, Scott P & Trampedach R Light bosons and photospheric solutions to the solar abundance problem (2013, MNRAS 432:3332, arXiv:1206.4315) pdf

Scott P Pippi - painless parsing, post-processing and plotting of posterior and likelihood samples (2012, EPJ Plus 127:138, arXiv:1206.2245) pdf

Rydberg CE, Zackrisson E, Lundqvist P & Scott P Detection of isolated population III stars with the James Webb Space Telescope (2013, MNRAS 429:3658, arXiv:1206.0007) pdf

Scott P, Cowan AI & Stricker C Quantifying impacts of short-term plasticity on neuronal information transfer (2012, PRE 85:041921, arXiv:1204.3270) pdf

Strege C, Trotta R, Bertone G, Peter AHG & Scott P Fundamental statistical limitations of future dark matter direct detection experiments (2012, PRD 86:023507, arXiv:1201.3631) pdf

Bringmann T, Scott P & Akrami Y Improved constraints on the primordial power spectrum at small scales from ultracompact minihalos (2012, PRD 85:125027, arXiv:1110.2484) pdf

Scott P, Venkatesan A, Roebber E, Gondolo P, Pierpaoli E & Holder G Impacts of Dark Stars on Reionization and Signatures in the Cosmic Microwave Background (2011, ApJ 742:129, arXiv:1107.1714) pdf

Ripken J, Conrad J & Scott P Implications for constrained supersymmetry of combined H.E.S.S. observations of dwarf galaxies, the Galactic halo and the Galactic Centre (2011, JCAP 11:004, arXiv:1012.3939) pdf

Akrami Y, Savage C, Scott P, Conrad J & Edsjö J How well will ton-scale dark matter direct detection experiments constrain minimal supersymmetry? (2011, JCAP 04:012, arXiv:1011.4318) pdf

Akrami Y, Savage C, Scott P, Conrad J & Edsjö J Statistical coverage for supersymmetric parameter estimation: a case study with direct detection of dark matter (2011, JCAP 07:002, arXiv:1011.4297) pdf

Zackrisson E, Scott P, Rydberg CE, Iocco F, Sivertsson S., Östlin G, Mellema G, Iliev IT & Shapiro PR, Observational constraints on supermassive dark stars (2010, MNRAS Letters 407:L74, arXiv:1006.0481) pdf

Zackrisson E, Scott P, Rydberg CE, Iocco F, Edvardsson B, Östlin G, Sivertsson S., Zitrin A, Broadhurst T & Gondolo P, Finding high-redshift dark stars with the James Webb Space Telescope (2010, ApJ 717:257, arXiv:1002.3368) pdf

Akrami Y, Scott P, Edsjö J, Conrad J & Bergström L, A Profile Likelihood Analysis of the Constrained MSSM with Genetic Algorithms (2010, JHEP 04:057, arXiv:0910.3950) pdf

Scott P, Conrad J, Edsjö J, Bergström L, Farnier C & Akrami Y, Direct Constraints on Minimal Supersymmetry from Fermi-LAT Observations of the Dwarf Galaxy Segue 1 (2010, JCAP 01:031, arXiv:0909.3300) pdf

Scott P & Sivertsson S, Gamma-Rays from Ultracompact Primordial Dark Matter Minihalos (2009, PRL 103:211301, arXiv:0908.4082) pdf

Asplund M, Grevesse N, Sauval AJ & Scott P, The Chemical Composition of the Sun (2009, Ann. Rev. Astron. & Astrophys. 47:481, arXiv:0909.0948) pdf

Scott P, Fairbairn M & Edsjö J, Dark stars at the Galactic Centre - the main sequence (2009, MNRAS 394:82, arXiv:0809.1871) pdf

Scott P, Asplund M, Grevesse N, Sauval AJ, On the Solar Nickel and Oxygen Abundances (2009, ApJL 691:L119, arXiv:0811.0815) pdf

Fairbairn M, Scott P & Edsjö J, The zero age main sequence of WIMP burners (2008, PRD 77:047301, arXiv:0710.3396) pdf

Scott P, Asplund M, Grevesse N, Sauval AJ, Line formation in solar granulation. VII. CO lines and the solar C and O isotopic abundances (2006, A&A 456:675, arXiv:astro-ph/0605116) pdf



Bauer, et al. Towards the next generation of simplified Dark Matter models (White paper resulting from IPPP brainstorming workshop, arXiv:1607.06680) pdf


Scott P, Bringmann T & Akrami Y Constraints on small-scale cosmological perturbations from gamma-ray searches for dark matter (2012, Proc. TAUP2011, J Phys. Conf. Series 375:032012, arXiv:1205.1432) pdf

Balázs C, et al. DLHA: Dark Matter Les Houches Agreement (2012, in Les Houches 2011: Physics at TeV Colliders New Physics Working Group Report, arXiv:1203.1488) pdf

Rydberg CE, Zackrisson E & Scott P Can the James Webb Space Telescope detect isolated population III stars? (2011, Proc. CRF2010, PoS(CRF 2010)026, arXiv:1103.1377) pdf

Scott P, Dark stars: structure, evolution and impacts upon the high-redshift Universe (2011, Proc. CRF2010, PoS(CRF 2010)021, arXiv:1101.1029) pdf

Grevesse N, Asplund M, Sauval AJ & Scott P, The chemical composition of the sun (2011, Proc. 10th International Colloquium on Atomic Spectra and Oscillator Strengths for Astrophysical and Laboratory Plasmas, Can. J. Phys. 89:327) pdf

Grevesse N, Asplund M, Sauval AJ & Scott P, The New Solar Composition and the Solar Metallicity (2011, Proc. The Sun, the Solar Wind, and the Heliosphere, IAGA Special Sopron Book Series 4:51) pdf

Grevesse N, Asplund M, Sauval AJ & Scott P, The Chemical Composition of the Sun (2010, Astrophys. & Space Sci. 328:179) pdf

Scott P, Edsjö J & Fairbairn M, The DarkStars code: a publicly available dark stellar evolution package (2009, Proc. DARK2009, arXiv:0904.2395) pdf

Scott P, Fairbairn M & Edsjö J, Impacts of WIMP dark matter upon stellar evolution: main-sequence stars (2008, Proc. IDM08, PoS(idm2008)073, arXiv:0810.5560) pdf

Scott P, Edsjö J & Fairbairn M, Low mass stellar evolution with WIMP capture and annihilation (2008, Proc. DARK2007, arXiv0711.0991) pdf


Searches for Particle Dark Matter: Dark stars, dark galaxies, dark halos and global supersymmetric fits (PhD Thesis, Theoretical Physics, Stockholm University, May 2010, arXiv:1110.2757) pdf

Dark Stars at the Galactic Centre (Licentiate Thesis, Theoretical Physics, Stockholm University, September 2008) pdf

Information Transfer at Dynamic Synapses: Effects of Short-Term Plasticity (Honours Thesis, Neuroscience, Australian National University, November 2005) pdf

CO Spectral Line Formation in the Sun: Convective Simulation, Line Profiles and Isotopic Abundance Measures (Honours Thesis, Astrophysics, Australian National University, November 2004) pdf

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