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Michael Rowan-Robinson


Oxford University Press, 4th edition, 2004

ISBN 0-19-852747-0 (pbk), 0-19-852746-2 (hbk), 184 pages


Includes 97 black and white figures, and 33 problems with hints and answers.




This textbok has evolved through four editions from courses which I have given

at Queen Mary College and at Imperial College.  It is intended as an undergraduate

textbook at a level suitable for a course given in the second or third year of a

degree course, and has been used as a course-book at many universities around

the world.  Knowledge of General Relativity is not s prerequisite and the small

amount of GR needed to explain the cosmological models and derive their

properties is explained in simple terms.  Features of the book are the emphasis

given to observational cosmologyand the Epilogue on twenty controversies in

cosmology today.



The visible universe

Our Galaxy and other galaxies

The empirical basis for cosmological theories

The big bang models

Early stages of the big bang

From the fireball to the present

Observational cosmology

Other cosmological theories

Epilogue: Twenty controversies in cosmology today


Michael Rowan-Robinson

January 2005