Seminars 2016


20 January

Gerry Gilmore (IoA Cambridge)

Gaia - Galactic, Extragalactic, Solar System and Cosmology Science


27 January

Tom Kitching (MSSL UCL)

Doing physics with weak lensing surveys


3 February

Sarah Kendrew (Oxford)

High-redshift galaxy kinematics in the E-ELT era


10 February

Michelle Collins (Surrey)

The Faintest Galaxies as probes of cosmology and galactic evolution


17 February

Miguel Quartin (Rio)

The Cosmic Supernova Recycling Program


24 February

Sean Matt (Exeter)

Rotation, Magnetic Activity, and Mass Loss of Sun-Like Stars


2 March

No seminar


9 March

Rubina Kotax (Queen's Belfast)

Eruptions and explosions of massive stars: current enigmas and future prospects


16 March

David van Dyk (Imperial)

Science-Driven Image Analysis in Astronomy and Solar Physics (ICIC seminar)


23 March

Hiranya Peiris (UCL)

Towards fundamental physics with cosmological surveys



27 April

Haley Gomez (Cardiff)

Dusty Galaxies and smoking supernovae


4 May

Xiaohui Fan (Arizona)

The most massive Black Holes in the Early Universe


11 May

Olja Panic (IoA Cambridge)

Warm and cold cradles of giant planets


18 May

Andy Taylor (Edinburgh)

No go for cosmic self-acceleration


25 May

Nick Kaiser (IfA Hawaii)

Biases in the cosmological distance-redshift relation


1 June

Yvonne Unruh (Imperial)

Modelling solar magnetic variability


8 June

Manda Banerji (IoA Cambridge)

Dusty quasars in the high-redshift Universe: supermassive Black Holes in formation?


15 June

Mark Wilkinson (Leicester)

Dwarf spheroidal galaxies: cosmological probes on our doorstep


22 June

Mark Hannam (Cardiff)

When black holes collide: the dawn of gravitational-wave astronomy

Seminar organiser: Professor Alan Heavens (a.heavens AT