Seminars 2013

2013 seminars




23  January 2013

Clare Dobbs (University of Exeter)

The formation and evolution of giant molecular clouds


30 January  

Lingyu Wang (University of Durham)

The nature of star-forming galaxies


6 February

Rachael Livermore (University of Durham)

Clumpy star formation at high redshift revealed with gravitational lensing


20 February

Sebastiano Cantalupo (UC Santa Cruz)

Dark galaxies and circum-galactic filaments illuminated by high-redshift quasars


27 February

Vivienne Wild (University of St Andrews)

The evolution of star-burst galaxies


6 March

Pratika Dayal (University of Edinburgh)

Galaxies in the first billion years tracing reionization and the cosmic dawn


13 March

Joe Hilbe (Arizona State University)

The use of statistical count models in astrostatistics


20 March Tim Naylor (University of Exeter)

How fast do planets and stars form?  A radical revision to the pre-main-sequence age scale


17 April

Anna Feltre  (ESO, Garching)

Modelling IR SEDs of AGN with Spitzer and Herschel data




1 May

David Sing (University of Exeter)

A large HST transmission spectral survey of hot-Jupiter exoplanetary atmospheres


8 May

Nick Wright (University of Hertfordshire)

The Dynamics of young star clusters


22 May

Matthew Ruffoni (Imperial College London)

Laboratory studies of atomic spectra for astrophysical applications


29 May

Anna Scaife (University of Southampton)

Magnetic fields in heavenly bridges


5 June

Clare Dobbs (University of Exeter)

The formation and evolution of giant molecular clouds


12 June

Jamie Bolton (University of Nottingham)

Reionisation via the Lyman-alpha line


19 June

Michael Brown (University of Manchester)

Prospects for weak lensing studies with new radio telescopes


20 June

Michelle Knights (University of Cape Town)

Improving stacking techniques with Bayesian statistics


2 October

Mike Shull


New Results from the Hubble Cosmic Origins Spectrograph

9 October

Ilya Mandel


GWastrophysics of compact binaries

16 October

(Department Colloquium)

23 October

Karin Lind

IoA Cambridge

The two cosmological Li problems

30 October

Will Percival


Cosmological results from BOSS galaxy clustering

6 November

Debora Sijacki

IoA Cambridge

Moving mesh cosmology: the hydrodynamics of galaxy formation

13 November

Maria Desi-Espuig

MPS Lindau

Reconstructing total solar irradiance since 1700


20 November

(Department Colloquium)

27 November

Marzia Rivi


Visualisation and exploration of huge astrophysical datasets with Splotch

4 December

Tim Harries


The formation of massive stars