3-PAC Seminars


The Imperial College Particle Phenomenology, Particle Astrophysics and Cosmology (PPPAC or '3-PAC') Seminars are a joint series run by the HEP, Theory and Astrophysics groups.  Talks are held ~fortnightly during term time, generally on Fridays at 1pm in the Theory Seminar Room (Huxley 503), and are followed by coffee and biscuits. 



The seminar calendar is available for you to add to your own calendar in XML, ICAL and HTML.




Previous Seminars (2014/15, 2015/16)


David Weir, Stavanger

Friday, Mar 18 2016, 13:00, Huxley 503


Robert Brandenberger, McGill University

Friday, Feb 26 2016, 13:00, Huxley 503


Matthew McCullough, CERN

Friday, Feb 19 2016, 13:00, Huxley 503


Alastair Currie, Imperial College

Friday, Feb 5 2016, 13:00, Huxley 503


Cora Dvorkin, Harvard CfA

Traces of the Early Universe in the CMB and the Large-Scale Structure

Friday, Jan 15 2016, 13:00, Huxley 503


Julia Harz, LPTHE & Lagrange Institute, Paris

Towards a precise prediction of the the dark matter relic density within the MSSM

Friday, Dec 4 2015, 13:00, Huxley 503


Hamish Clark, University of Sydney

Dark matter ultracompact minihalos and the small-scale early Universe

Friday, Nov 27 2015, 13:00, Huxley 503


Daniel Figueroa, CERN

A stiff Higgstory of the Universe

Friday, Nov 13 2015, 13:00, Huxley 503


Dr Gerasimos Rigopoulos, Newcastle

The quantum/stochastic scalar field in de Sitter

Friday, Oct 30 2015, 13:00, Huxley 503

Marcin Chrzaszcz, Zurich/CERN 

Anomalies in flavour physics

Friday, Oct 16 2015, 13:00, Huxley 503


Ad hoc (Special 3-PAC): Rick Gaitskell, Brown

LUX - the direct search for dark matter and novel approaches to low-energy callibration

Monday Oct 12, 15:30, Blackett 630


Ad hoc (HEP / 3-PAC): Hugh Lippincott, Fermilab

Searching for dark matter with bubble chambers

Weds, Sep 30 2015, 16:00, Blackett 539



Ad-hoc (out of term): Mathew Madhavacheril, Stony Brook

Detection of Lensing of the CMB by Dark Matter Halos

Friday, Sep 11 2015, 13:00, Huxley 503


Ad-hoc (out of term): Tomas Gonzalo, UCL

Model building in Grand Unified Theories

Friday, Aug 14 2015, 13:00, Huxley 503



Clare Burrage, Nottingham 

Detecting Dark Energy with Atom Interferometry
Friday, Apr 24 2015, 13:00, Huxley 503


Francesca Calore, GRAPPA Amsterdam

The Fermi GeV excess: status and perspectives

Friday, Apr 17 2015, 13:00, Huxley 503


Joe Zuntz, Manchester 

Weak lensing: promise and problems

Friday, Mar 13 2015, 13:00, Huxley 503


Jérémy Bernon, LPSC Grenoble
Constraining new physics from Higgs measurements

Friday, Feb 27 2015, 13:00, Huxley 503


Aaron Vincent, IPPP Durham

The Flavour Composition of the high-energy IceCube neutrinos

Friday, Feb 13 2015, 13:00, Huxley 503


Christopher McCabe, GRAPPA Amsterdam

Searching for dark matter--pseudoscalar interactions

Friday, Jan 30 2015, 13:00, Huxley 503


Sebastian Wild, TU Munich

Capture and annihilation of dark matter in the Sun: Importance of higher order effects

Friday, Jan 16 2015, 13:00, Huxley 503



Chris Savage, NORDITA

Statistical issues in the direct detection of dark matter

Friday, Dec 5 2014, 13:00, Huxley 503


Pat Scott, Imperial

Indications of momentum-dependent asymmetric dark matter in the Sun

Friday, Nov 28 2014, 13:00, Huxley 503


Felix Kahlhoefer, DESY

Dark matter direct detection: astrophysical uncertainties and new halo-independent methods
Friday, Nov 14 2014, 13:00, Huxley 503

Antje Putze, LAPTh Annecy

Cosmic-ray propagation models and their impact on indirect dark-matter searches

Friday, Nov 7 2014, 13:00, Huxley 503


Dario Cannone, Padova / Portsmouth

Generalized tensor fluctuations and inflation

Friday, Oct 17 2014, 13:00, Blackett 1004


Phillipp Grothaus, King's College London

About the Neutrino Bound in Direct Dark Matter Searches

Friday, Oct 3 2014, 13:00, Huxley 711c


Anders Kvellestad, University of Oslo

Chargino decays in Natural SUSY and beyond 
Friday, Sep 19 2014, 13:00, Huxley 711c

Organisers: Pat Scott, Sarah Malik and Emir Gumrukcuoglu